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Bouquets and gifts




Flowers are our thing...



This is how we do bouquets.  Natural, wild and full of the best quality flowers and foliage we can get our hands on.  Order them for special occasions or just because you love flowers.

Tell us what you like or leave it to us, either way we’ll create something special for you.

A heads up on our packaging - We're cellophane free (as much as possible) so expect a natural wrap, brown paper and tissue.  it's good for the planet so it's good for us...and you.

Add to your order with candles and chocolates.  We like to keep things local.  The candles we stock are made just up the road from us.  Hopton England candles are dreamy and 100% natural.  Tell us what you need and we can pick out the perfect fragrance for you.

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